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Marya Stark

I’ve been passionate about public service and leadership development my entire life and have devoted much of my professional and volunteer experience to these fields. I have focused on leadership development over the past 20 years. My company, Trajectory Growth, provides leadership development to high growth companies. I’m fortunate to have a team of talented executive coaches who implement our methodology and I’m able to work remotely in Telluride. 

As a former quant jock, I also have strong data analysis and financial experience. I worked in  real estate finance on Wall Street and in government oversight of the mortgage finance industry for a total of eight years. I have an undergraduate degree in business and finance from UC Berkeley and a Master’s Degree in Applied Statistics (public policy) from Georgetown University.  I also have strong management and governance experience. As an entrepreneur, I’ve built and managed teams and I’ve also served as board chair for a growing organization.

Trajectory Growth

Marya Stark is a leadership development expert and entrepreneur who has founded highly successful coaching, training, and networking platforms, including Emerge America and Trajectory Growth. Trajectory Growth provides leadership development programs for high growth companies, including group training/coaching and 1:1 coaching.  A forthcoming case study written by a biotech client of Trajectory Growth shows that Trajectory’s leadership development programs have helped the company increase its NPS (Net Promoter Score).  The client sees its employees greater satisfaction and performance as a marketing asset for their own clients.  

Learn more about how Trajectory Growth can improve your company’s performance and outcomes. Contact us at marya@trajectorygrowth.com